I have worked with Wade Derby on a number of occasions and he has every detail handled perfectly.  I have come to totally trust his knowledge, research and screening when selecting hunting venues.    Wade is a very avid hunter himself and knows exactly what needs to be taken care of for clients…working closely with his clients from start to finish.  Very  knowledgeable, ultra professional and  simply outstanding as a booking agent. He operates as a free service to his customers that does not add on to hunt prices.  Wade is as good as it gets!!!,

 Babe Winkelman



Chihuahua Coues Deer Adventure by Bob Robb

New Mexico - Pronghorn Paradise by Bob Robb

California Black Bear Hunt with Hounds by Bruce Brown

Bull Elk in The Killdeer by Mike Lambeth

Canyon of the Giants by Wade Derby

Cruising for Sitkas by Wade Derby

Idaho Sawtooth Elk Hunting Adventure by Bruce Brown

The Best Coues Deer Hunting Ever by Bob Robb

British Columbia Coal

Big Mulies in Alberta by Bob Robb

Russia's version of the Grizzly - Lords of the Taiga

The Sonoran Trifecta by Wade Derby

High Mountain Handgunners by Mark Hamptpon (page 14)


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