Hunt 73 - Texas Hill Country Lodge offering Whitetails & Select Exotics

Texas has always been a favorite destination of mine and many customers. There are so many operators in Texas picking the right place can take a great deal of time and effort. What I like about this operation’s philosophy is the fact that they have chosen to offer their whitetails hunts as total packages. There are no sliding scale trophy fees.

This ranch is 2500 acres and it is game fenced, with no internal fencing. Whitetails are quality managed and the hunts.

This ranch offers a limited number of whitetails are taken each year. Here you will find un-crowded conditions and a place where you are not treated like a number. The lodging, the food the people and the hunting stand out to make this place unique among so many other operations.


Hunt Prices:


Management deer are up to 149 SCI, hunt price $3750 (average buck score 141 gross)

Trophy deer are 150 SCI and above, hunt price $7500 (average buck score 181 gross)

All hunts for whitetail are 4 days long and include all food, lodging, guide fees and field care of your trophy.


In addition to whitetail deer hunting limited exotic hunting is offered for the following species:

Axis $2600
Fallow $2700
Blackbuck $2100
Texas Dall $1500
Iranian Red Sheep $3500
*If exotic hunting only then day rates for food, lodging and guide apply. $250 per day, No day rates as an add-on to whitetail hunts.

Extra Whitetail hunt days- $350
Non Hunting Guests- $175 a day
Cull Whitetail Buck- $450

Turkey- Bearded Gobbler or Hen- $300 (During Fall Season Only)
Extra Whitetail Doe- $250
Extra Wild Pigs- $50
Varmint Hunt- $100 Dove Hunt- $100
(When in Season)

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