Hunt # 65 - Prince of Wales Island Alaska Black Bears, Sitka Blacktails/Mainland Brown Bear & Goats

Here is a small outfitter who has been in the business for years. He is probably one of most knowledgeable and dedicated operators I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and hunting with. His base operation is on Prince of Wales Island. This island is famous in hunting circles as a producer of big black bears and trophy class Sitka Blacktail deer. Unlike other Sitka Blacktail hunting areas, the deer are native to this habitat and do not experience the heavy winterkills seen on Kodiak Island and other locales. 

Hunts on the island are conducted either from a cabin or in from tent camps during certain early season trips. These hunts are highly successful but do require a good level of fitness and some hiking. The mainland hunts are fly-in camps for goats and the coastal brown bear/black bear hunts are from floating cabins in the Misty Fjord region of the Tongass National Forest. These are not fancy hunts and his prices are very reasonable, especially when you experience the amount of work and dedication these hunts require to be successful.    

This is a hard working outfitter who is highly organized, and one who takes care of the trophies as if they were his own. After several decades of providing these hunts he has more than proven his worth to the many customers he has assisted along the way. I am proud to work with this outfitter and recommend him without hesitation.

Hunt Prices:

7-day 1x1 spring Black Bear (late April/May) Prince of Wales Island (POW): 
$5,500 (2x1=$4500each) 

7-day 1x1 spring Black Bear (May/June) Mainland: $6,500 (2x1=$5500each) 

10-day 1x1 spring Brown Bear/Black Bear combo (mid/late may) Mainland: 

7-day fly-in 1x1 Sitka Blacktail (early August) POW: $6,500 (2x1=$5500each) 

7-day backpack 1x1 Sitka Blacktail (late August/Sept) POW:$5,500 (2x1=$4500 

7-day 1x1 fall Black Bear (September/October) Prince of Wales Island (POW): 
$5,500 (2x1=$4500each) 

10-day 1x1 Mt Goat (late August/September/October): $9,500 ($1,000 trophy fee 
each for 2nd and 3rd animal, Black Bear /Deer. (Wolf /Wolverine no fee) ($2,000 trophy fee for Brown Bear)

10-day 1x1 Sitka Blacktail/Black Bear combo (September/October) POW: $7,500 

7-day 1x1 Sitka Blacktail November rut POW cabin: $5,500 (2x1=$4500 each) 

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