Hunt 6 - Alaska Peninsula, Kodiak Island, Aleutian Islands Trophy Big Game

We are proud to offer these unique and highly desirable hunts in Alaska, through this small but highly regarded outfitter.
This outfitter offers a wide range of highly diversified hunts for Brown bear, Moose, Caribou, Sitka Blacktails, Mountain Goats, Elk and Waterfowl.

Hunts take place on: Unimak, Kodiak, Afognak, Rasberry Islands and/or the Alaska Peninusula. Some hunts are on a draw basis and some are over the counter. Regardless, this outfitter has a proven track record of producing high success hunts and high quality trophies.
These hunts are limited as this outfitter runs small numbers of clients and is not a mass numbers operator. For example Unimak Caribou hunts are restricted to the first 4 clients and 2 tags are reserved if a fall brown bear hunter successfully draws Unimak and wants to do a combination hunt.

The outfitter will help you with any drawings at no added cost. Hunts as quoted include guide fees, food, and field hunt costs. License fees and charters are extra unless otherwise noted.
   Again, this is not a large operator so hunts need to be booked well in advance. Mountain Goats in this area are highly accessible. Moose average 64 inches and Brown Bear over 9 feet are taken each year. This outfitter produces and knows his territory well. 

Hunt Prices:

Brown Bear

  10 day Fall hunt 1x1 $14,000

10 Day Spring Bear Hunt $ 16,500

16 day Fall Bear hunt $18,000

Spring Kodiak Island Raod System hunt (No draw) $7500, and $7500 harvest fee.

Moose 10 day 1x1, 1 bull hunt $ 18,000

Caribou 7day 1x1, 1 bull hunt $ 7500

Sitka Blacktail 5 day 1x1 $4000 1 buck

Mountain Goat 7 day 1x1 $7000, add Sitka Blacktail for $2500

Roosevelt Elk 7 day 1x1 $7000, add Sitka Blacktail for $2500

Sea Duck Hunts5 days $3700


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