Hunt 59 - Northern Alberta Wilderness Trophy Moose Hunts

Located in a remote area (WMA 351) outside of Edmonton this outfitter has some of the finest trophy Western Canadian Moose hunting in the province. This is not a woodlot or farm field truck hunt.

The hunts take place during prime rut times in late September and October in wilderness camps accessed only by a lengthy ride by quad or Argo. This area is well off the beaten path and receives very little hunting pressure. Moose in this region can easily compete or exceed many of those taken in the wilderness regions of British Columbia.

For those of you looking for great moose hunt at a reasonable price, or for those seeking a wilderness experience without air charter expenses and horses this outfitter will deliver. This provides for a unique hunting experience not found elsewhere.

Hunts are from wall tent camps and are not overly physical. Some of the top moose in Alberta have been taken in this outfitter’s area. These trips include full guiding, food and trophy care in the field. This is also a hunt accessible from the US by driving to the debarkation area. Thus, allowing you to take home not only your trophy but the meat after the hunt.   

This hunt and this region are sleepers in the moose hunting circles and one which is highly recommended.

Hunt Prices:
8 day fully guided Trophy Western Canadian Moose $7000, licenses and tax not included


*Look around at the alternatives and you will quickly see this hunt is worth taking a closer look at if you want to take a big moose without the costs of the more publicized locales

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