Hunt 57 - Marco Polo and Ibex Hunts 

For the most adventurous hunters we are proud to offer this hunt for one of the most coveted game animals in the world. These high country hunts in Asia are high success offerings, but clearly are not for everyone. These hunts are costly, require distant travel and offer a tough physical challenge among other things.

This hunt requires planning and preparation to secure the required permits and documents needed to make this a legal hunt. With that being said it is critical who you book this hunt with. For these hunts I use a trusted operator who has helped me with hunts in Russia and Asia for more than a decade.

These hunts take place in two different countries depending upon your hunt/trophy expectations and the methods in which you prefer to hunt. Most hunts will require travel to nearby Istanbul, Turkey and then on to Bishkek.

Hunt #1 is in the Tian-Shan Mountains in the Narin region. These are 12 day hunts on horseback and on foot. The Marco Polo Argali in this area are smaller than those found in the Pamir Mountains (Average 5 inches less).

Package Hunt Rate includes all fees except travel, transit lodging, tips and trophy shipping $29,740 - Ibex $9510, includes all the above.

Hunt #2 is in the Pamir Mountains using vehicles and hunting on foot. The rams in this region are generally the largest Marco Polo trophies. The same items come in this package cost (CITES export, gun permits, Vet Certificates, Licenses, etc.) $34,240

*I can negotiate some discounts on these hunts for groups up to 5 people. Ibex can be added on as a combination species. Before embarking on this hunt consult your doctor about hunting at high elevation. There are medications which can aid you with altitude sickness, among other things.

CITES applications for the season must be in no later than May 1st. A deposit of $2000-$4000 holds the hunt and rates. The November hunting in both regions is very good. If you choose to hunt in February the Pamir hunt is recommended as heavy snows do not impact the hunting and area like it will in the Tian-Shan region.

This is one of the most specialized hunts I offer. Like I said previously, these hunts are excellent but present many hardships. It has been my own experience traveling abroad that you must be prepared and even then, things are going to arise you did not plan for.  This operator has done a lot to help smooth out the bumps along the way.  





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