Hunt # 51 - Top Quality Record Class Coues, Mule deer and Desert Bighorns

Here is a hunt in Sonora, Mexico run by a US Outfitter on ranches he practices high quality deer management on several thousand free-range acres. These are not inexpensive hunts by any stretch but the chance of taking a record class Coues is more the expectation than the exception. The mule deer quality is outstanding too. This outfitter takes only a small group of customers each year and does not shoot off the animals on a ranch and move on.

This Coues deer hunt is very atypical. Most of the hunting is from waterholes, not the usual mountain hiking and glassing normally associated with this species. Coues deer numbers are some of the highest I am aware of. Seeing over 50 of these deer a day is not out of the ordinary.

Mule deer huts are on foot and high racks with some waterhole hunting when conditions are right. Mule deer quality is ensured by taking a select few trophy bucks each season. An affordable alternative is the management Mule deer hunt. In order to reach their overall quality deer management goals a limited number of bucks are taken each year which are trophies in their own right, but lack high end characteristics like symmetry and equal points. It is a great way to experience Mexico without the cost. Plus the hunt helps improve the resource along

This outfitter has two Desert Bighorn Ram permits guaranteed each year on another lease. If you are looking for this species and prefer to hunt with a US based hunting professional, it is an excellent choice.

In the past two seasons I have had customers take some outstanding animals here. Outdoor writer friend Bob Robb took a B&C Coues deer here this past season and has already scheduled a return trip to try with a bow.

Hunt Prices:

Coues deer $6000

Trophy Mule deer $10,000

Management Mule deer $4000

Desert Bighorn Sheep $50,000

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