Hunt 5 - Northern Manitoba Moose and Central Barren Ground Caribou

Located in the area of the 60th parallel this hunt takes place in extreme Northern Manitoba. You will be hunting one of the strongest Central Barren Ground Caribou populations currently open to nonresidents. Caribou hunts are 2x1 and fully guided for one bull. Moose and Caribou combos are all inclusive except for licenses, taxes and transportation to the main headquarters lodge.

This is a high success hunt for trophy caribou scoring in the 330 B&C class. The moose in this region are large and often exceed 50 inches with good palms and points. Only 6 hunters per year get to hunt moose in this region and caribou camps are limited to 6 hunters at a time. Unlike other regions of Canada this area gets little pressure and is really a sleeper spot overlooked until the recent closures in the NWT.

 The caribou herd in this region exceeds 500,000 and has only been open for nonresidents since 1995. While on these hunts fishing is always available and ptarmigan/wolf is included in the hunts.

This outfitter operates a full time guest lodge for family trips and great getaways in the off season. Black bear hunting is a new attraction to this area and can be offered in conjunction with fall moose hunting. There are some huge black bears in this country.

Hunters fly to this area generally from Winnipeg to Thompson. Once in Thompson all travel is provided and part of your hunt.

These hunts have been 100% successful and archers as well as firearm hunters are welcome. These hunts are well organized and are not the hit and miss migration hunts so often sold these days.

Shop around and compare the value in these hunts as well as the quality being offered. This is a unique opportunity to hunt a very overlooked, but excellent wildlife resource. Hunts are limited and generally book early.  My most recent hunters said they had a great trip, with 100% harvest.  


Hunt Prices:

5 day 2x1 Caribou $6495

9 days 2x1 Moose only $7795

9 day 2x1 Moose/ Caribou combo $10,395


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