Hunt # 49 - Alligators, Osceola Turkeys, Hogs, Exotics and Fishing

Located near Lake Okeechobee in Florida this outfitter offers some of the finest alligator hunting in the state. He has a long standing track record of taking quality alligators throughout the year.

He hunts both private and public land offering opportunities on alligators over 13 feet on occasion. His hunts are reasonably priced and high success. In addition to alligators he also has Osceola turkeys, free range exotics like water buffalo, hog hunts and estate exotics like Axis deer and Blackbuck Antelope.

This is a fun getaway that can be combined with a family trip to Florida just about any time. Alligators are a unique species to hunt and you can use a variety of methods. This is not a hook and catch gator hunt. Stalking and stand hunting is the norm. Property is accessed by swamp buggies and on foot.


Hunt Prices:

Alligator Prices

13 feet $10,000.00
11-12 feet $4,500.00
9-10 feet $2,000.00
6-8 feet $1,050.00

4-5 feet $550.00

Pig Hunts:

Trophy $350.00 - teeth 2" or larger not determined by weight.

Non-Trophy $175.00

Skinning and quartering - $20.00

Osceola Turkey Hunt Price:
$1,800.00 3 Day Hunt

Water Buffalo Prices:
$500.00 to $2,000.00

Bass Fishing Price:
2 People $350.00
Fishing Equipment Furnished


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