Hunt # 40 - Nebraska Bison, Elk and More

This operator runs a private Bison ranch in northern Nebraska not too far from Rapid City, South Dakota. This is a great getaway to take either a bison for meat or a huge trophy bull in his winter coat. The ranch is run by some of the nicest people you will ever meet and everyone is welcome.

The bison on this ranch can be hunted late summer to well into winter. In addition to bison the ranch has some outstanding elk offerings from affordable bull hunts to trophies in excess of 500 inches. There is a comfortable cabin on the ranch and you can prepare meals or have them prepared. A second lodging option (Motel) is also offered on some hunts closer to town.   

For those of you concerned about health issues climbing mountains, or who simply do not have the time or desire to invest in a pack trip this one of the few places in North America offering preserve Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. This is a not a hunt for everyone, but it opens a door to some who would otherwise not get the chance.   
Hunts are 2-3 days generally and do not include state sales tax. Lodging, food, guiding and trophy preparation is included. Local meat processing is there too.

Hunt Prices:

Trophy Bison Bulls $4500 and up

3 year old Bison Bulls $3500

Cow Bison $2750

Elk Bulls 6x6 $3950 and up

Cow Elk $1250

Sika Deer $1950

Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep  POR

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