New Mexico Antelope & Bear/ Colorado Mountain Lion, Bear & Deer Hunts

This outfitter is an accomplished houndsman offering high success Mountain Lion and Black Bear hunts on both public and private land. He has a proven track record of close to 100% success on these species, with an emphasis on quality animals.

In addition to his predator hunts this outfitter hunts antelope on no draw private land permits in Northern New Mexico where antelope are found in excellent numbers. This hunt is normally 3 days in August and chances for a trophy buck are very good.

For those successful in the draw for Colorado this outfitter also has access to management mule deer hunts on private land.  For a hunter on a budget these hunts offer high success on a quality deer without trophy prices.

This is an excellent outfitter to work with.

Hunt Prices:

7 day Mountain Lion $5500

3 day Antelope $3000

5 day Black Bear Public Land $2500/Private Land $4000

3 day Management Mule Deer $3000





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