Hunt 34 Alaska Yacht Based Brown Bear, Mountain Goat, Sitka Blacktails and Black Bear

This is probably one of the finest and most fun hunts you can do in Alaska. There is something special about seeing the beauty of Alaska and its wildlife from a waterfront mobile camp. This outfitter hunts coastal Alaska from the comfort of a yacht accessing such areas as Admiralty Island and the Misty Fjords in the Tongass National Forest.

These are spring and fall hunts when it comes to bears with quality being first. This is another ELITE outfitter with an outstanding track record of producing nice trophies for his clients. Beyond brown bears late season mountain goats and Sitka Blacktail deer are also specialties.

Hunting from the yachts has proven to be an excellent way to harvest these keys species. You literally can pick up and move camp immediately if sign is scarce or weather shuts you out. Even for those of you who are not ocean lovers, you will find these large craft very stable and comfortable.

This is a really an outstanding experience and a personal favorite. Book this hunt early as spots fill up quickly. No air charters required on this hunt either.  



Hunt Prices:

Brown Bear/Black Bear Spring $16,500 Misty Fjord

Brown Bear Spring/Fall Admiralty $18,500

Sitka Blacktails $4800

Mountain Goat $10,500/ Inquire about combo hunts      

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