Hunt 3 - Southern Idaho big game hunts. Cougar and Bear specialist

Chris hunts Elk and Deer in IDFG Unit 35. These are 7-day fully guided pack in hunts on horseback.

Large trophy Mule Deer have been spotted in this area and the resource is generally under hunted. The trophy quality of Elk in this area is outstanding.

For people interested in another challenge, Chris offers fully guided Bear, Cougar, and Bobcat hunts. Chris has an outstanding pack of hounds to help you take your trophy.

Chris will take two hunters on a 6-day Spring Black Bear hunt for $2,750 each, this is with dogs, $2000 over bait..


Chris offers two guided Cougar hunts. From December to January, Chris has a 6-day fully guided trophy "Tom" hunt for $4200.

Guided Bobcat hunts are also available in December and January. The hunt is on request only. Rates may vary.

Chris also offers a guaranteed Pope and Young record cat hunt for $5,500. Inquire for information.

Chris is a very hard working and knowledgeable outfitter, who will give 100% effort throughout the hunt. Remember that Idaho licenses go on sale in December and no draws are necessary in the areas Chris hunts. Chris also offers pack in summer fishing trips and trail rides.

Hunt Prices:

Hunt camps range from 2 to 4 hunters per camp. Guiding is 2x1. Archery season begins in September for bugling bulls in the rut. Archery camps are $ 3500 per person.

Rifle Elk season begins in October and ends in early November. This hunt is $4,100 per person. Hunt descriptions are the same as Archery Hunts. It is possible to combine Deer and Elk hunts during the rifle season on some dates, total price is $ 4,800.

Elk drop camps are available for $ 2000 per person. A fully furnished camp is included. You provide food and personal belongings. If license, both deer and elk can be taken on this hunt.

Guided Mule Deer hunts are available at the cost of $3,500 per person 2x1, or a drop camp for $2,000.

Special Offering

Wolves are now open in Idaho to hunt. Fully guided wolf hunts are $3000.

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