Alaska Dall Sheep, Moose and Grizzly

This outfit is a small, family operation offering some of the finest Alaskan big game hunting there is. Operating by a special permit near the Wrangell/St. Elias Park this outfitter has exclusive outfitting rights and provides solid opportunities for the Alaska bound trophy hunter.   

Hunts are conducted on horseback or by backpack with one of the camps having a roof over your head. This outfitter hosts no more than 8 sheep hunters per season and boasts a success rate of nearly 100%. Unlike many areas in Alaska, moose populations here are strong and the grizzly bear is frequently seen and taken.


This hunt is highly recommended and be aware that it books fast. This is one of the best sheep hunts going and a great combination hunting venue.


Hunt Prices:

Sheep Hunts $15,500

Grizzly spring/fall $9000 plus $4500 kill fee

Moose/Grizzly $23,400

Sheep/Moose/Grizzly $31,900

*Caribou Hunts coming soon

*Air Charters approximately $950

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