Hunt 2 - Russia & Asia Adventures  

This is a very unique hunt for the Eurasian subspecies of Brown Bear. These bears are much like our interior Grizzly bear and range in size from 6-8 feet. Hunters are housed in hunting cabins or bed and breakfast type lodging. Using specially trained dogs hunters seek out bears in their winter lair. Hunters fly to Moscow and then to Irkutsk, Siberia. From Irkutsk car travel is arranged to the hunting area. This could be a 4-6 hour drive. The hunting period is from 3-6 days and the hunts have always been 100% success. This hunt is as much about tradition as it is about the hunting. While these are certainly not the largest bears in Russia, it is an exciting hunt nonetheless. These hunts take place between December and February where temperatures can drop below -40 F. Spring spot and stalk hunts are also offered. In addition Fall hunts from stands over oatfields are also popular. Hunters can bring their own firearms to Russia or gun rental can be arranged for $100. Travel to Russia requires a Visa which I can arrange. This is the lowest priced hunt for this type of bear (Grizzly/Brown) I know of. I had a great experience when I did this hunt and took a seven foot bear my first day.

Prices: Hunt costs are discounted for groups:

* If you fail to take a bear you will receive a $1500 refund.

This includes CITES fees, the hunt, car transfers, Vet Certificates and the internal airline ticket. Trophies will come home with you on this hunt. Each group has one interpreter to aid in communication. Your safari operator is a time tested expert and a Russian National. I highly recommend this hunt, it is an experience you will not forget.

Hunt Prices:

1 Hunter $9950

2hunters $8950

3 Hunters $8150


 Kamchatka Bear Hunts Spring and Fall

In addition to interior Siberia this operator also offers the legendary coastal brown bears of Kamchatka. These hunts are offered both spring and fall and normally provide 8 total hunting days. These are not fancy hunts, but they are high percentage hunts for nice bears 8-9+ feet.

In the fall you can combine other species like caribou, and moose for trophy fees only. This region is vast and offers the hunter a true adventure. Russia is a great hunting venue, but it is not for everyone. I am happy to discuss this hunt with anyone to see if it fits your needs.

Depending upon the region hunt prices are as follows:

$11,750-$13,750 Spring or Fall Brown Bear only

2nd bear option $7950

Moose harvest fee $7950

Caribou harvest fee $950

I can negotiate group rate discounts. There are once again flights to Eastern Russia via Anchorage on a limited basis, making travel to Kamchatka much easier.

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