Hunt 12 - Sonora Desert Big Horn, Mule deer and Coues

This outfitter has worked closely with Cross Hair Consulting for over 15 years providing high quality hunts in Sonora, Mexico. This is a full service outfitter who has hosted outdoor and television personalities like Jim Shockey, Bob Robb and John Brunson Outdoors. He has had several articles written about his hunts in SCI and all positive reports listed in various outdoor media.  

 This outfit is a small operation offering some of the best big game hunting there is in Sonora. We have personally hunted with this outfitter more than 5 times for all species and feel very confident when sending you here.

All hunts are fully guided 1x1 or 2x1 with food, lodging, guides and transportation. Taxidermy and expediting services are also available. It is remarkably easy to get to Sonora and hunt despite what you might have heard. It is also a safe venue with the ranches far removed from border related issues elsewhere.


From Desert Sheep to big mulies this outfitter has some excellent leases with a proven track record. This hunt is highly recommended.




Hunt Prices:

6 day Desert Mule Deer $9500 plus tags and gun permit

5 day Coues deer $4500 plus tags and gun permit

6 day combination Coues and Desert Mule deer $13,000 plus tags and gun permit

6 day Free Range Desert Bighorn Sheep $45,000

5 day Estate Desert Bighorn $35,000 and up     

This is a favorite place where I have taken all of my best mule deer. Success ratios are high and the hunts are among the best I have experienced.     


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