Hunt 11- Arctic Alaska

This outfitter offers hunts in the Arctic portions of Alaska. Here the caribou hunting remains consistently good and the grizzly bear hunting for tundra bears is excellent. This is a true wilderness hunt in all ways. There is nothing fancy about the camps or the operation. It is a solid producer for those customers seeking this type of hunting experience. Camps are tents and spiking out. This is a hunt which requires a certain degree of physical effort and one should be prepared to walk several miles each day.  Prices for the Arctic portion of this operation include all food, lodging and guide services while in the field. Expect overnights and delays on a hunt like this. The outfitter will meet hunters at the prearranged air taxi drop point and then fly them in the rest of the way. The air charter or taxi is not included in the hunt prices below.      



Finally this operator also offers fishing , late duck hunting, and drop off Sitka Blacktail hunts as well.

Sea Duck Hunt 7 Days 5,000.00
3 Days Fishing 1800.00
5 Days Fishing 2,500.00      
5 Days Cast & Blast 3000.00
7 Days Cold Bay 5000.00

This is a good operation offering very successful hunts for many years.

Hunt Prices:

2X1 Caribou Hunt 7 Days 6000.00
1X1 Grizzly Bear Hunt 10 Days 12,500.001X1 Grizzly/Caribou 10Days 14,000.00

Spring and fall hunts are also offered on the Alaska Peninsula for moose and brown bear. Hunt prices are as follows from Cold Bay:

1X1 Moose Hunt 10 Days 15,000.00
1X1 Brown Bear Hunt 18,500.00   



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