Hunt 10 Chihuahuan Coues Deer and Gould's Turkey

This outfitter is located in some of the most pristine Coues deer hunting country left in Mexico. These hunts take place in the Sierra Madres Southwest of El Paso, Texas.

All hunts are on private ground and guided 1x1. Meals, lodging, transport from El Paso, hunting license & tag fees are included in the hunt prices. Gun permits are extra or firearms can be borrowed.

With several ranches at their avail this outfitter strives to offer 100% opportunity on Coues deer 95 inches or better. These ranches are well managed and guarded from overhunting or poaching. 

The Coues deer resource of Chihuahua is not nearly as well known as Sonora and few outfitters operate in this Mexican state. Low pressure on these deer allow them to grow old enough to attain trophy size.

These are traditional Coues hunts operated out of cabins or tented camps in the hihg mountains. Hunts can be offered on foot, horseback or by truck as needed or required by each guest.

These hunts are highly recommended for those of you seeking a trophy Coues to complete your slam or just because they are a great species to hunt.

In addition to trophy Coues deer this area is also rich with Gould's turkey. These are spring hunts generally and offer another unique species to pursue.

  Hunters will be picked up in El Paso and transported by the outfitter across the border. Passports and ID will be required.  This is a unique experience and among my favorite hunts. Coues deer offer a challenging and fast paced hunt.  




Hunt Prices:
6 full hunting days for Coues deer is $4200 gun permits $500 for 2 firearms or you can borrow a rifle at now charge
Gould's Turkey $2100 for a fully guided spring hunt


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