Hunt #1 Hawaiian Big Game Hunting and Upland Birds

This outfitter specializes in private land hunts throughout the Hawaiian Islands. What a great way to take the family on a vacation and still take a few days to hunt, al at the same time. Hawaii needs no introduction when it comes to being a top vacation getaway. However, it is also a great hunting venue in its own right.

From free range Mouflon Sheep to hunting Francolin, this outfitter has a bit of everything for the island bound hunter. With the exception of bird hunting, they are fully outfitted hunts with food and lodging. Most big game hunts are 1x1 and four days in duration. Below prices are hunt fee/kill fee or trophy fee included.

This is a top rated outfitter who has an outstanding reputation in the hunting community. He runs a professional operation that is highly recommended.  

Hunt Prices:

Lanai Axis Deer $3250 over 25 inches

Maui Axis $2450

Vancouver Bulls $1950

Island Boar $800

Mouflon Sheep $3750 

Black Hawaiian Sheep $1450

Hybrid Ibex $1250

Rio Grande Turkey $750

Upland birds $450 with lunch provided.


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